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Indian Games And Dances With Native Songs

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Alice Fletcher

Summary: [Indian Games An Historical Research Dodo Press by Andrew Mcfarland Davis. Andrew McFarland Davis 1833-1920 was the author of A Preliminary Railroad Survey in Wisconsin 1857 and Indian Games An Historical Research 1886 . There are says Father Brebeuf in his account of what was worthy ofnote among the Hurons in 1636 three kinds of games particularly in vogue with this people cross platter and straw....]
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Indian Story And Song

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Alice Fletcher

Excerpts: [... the. Trans-Mississippi Exposition at Omaha in July, 1898, several essays upon the songs of the North American Indians were read, in. illustration ...... Sacred Song of Peace (Omaha) 105. THE GIFT OF PEACE (Otoe) 107. KAWAS, THY BABY IS CRYING (Pawnee) 109. THY FATHER IS COMING (Pawnee) 111. LOOK ...... dha-ni ga dhe ke,. E-ha dha-ni hin gawe dho he dho]. The He-dhu?-shka Society is ...]
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