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  [english | 1955]  

Algis Budrys

Summary: [He was looking for a privacy his strange personality needed. And never quite seemed to achieve it. All his efforts were somehow great triumphs of the race and great failures for him!]
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The Barbarians

  [english | 1958]  

Algis Budrys

Summary: [Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco is a 1990 book about the leveraged buyout (LBO) of RJR Nabisco written by investigative journalists Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. The book is based upon a series of articles written by the authors for The Wall Street Journal. The book was later made into a made-for-TV movie by HBO also called Barbarians at the Gate. The book centers on F. Ross ...]
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The Stoker And The Stars

  [english | 1959]  

Algis Budrys

Summary: [When youve had your ears pinned back in a bowknot its sometimes hard to remember that an intelligent people has no respect for a whipped enemy... but does for a fairly beaten enemy.]
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