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Bob Son Of Battle

  [english | 1898]  

Alfred Ollivant

Summary: [Heavy Metal: a Tank Companys Battle to Baghdad is a book by Captain Jason Conroy with Ron Martz published in 2005 by Potomac Books. In Heavy Metal Conroy and Martz provide an up-close and very personal view of the sometimes vicious fighting that took place almost from the time the unit crossed the border from Kuwait until it got to Baghdad. The book chronicles the making of Charlie Company ...]
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Boy Woodburn

  [english | 1918]  

Alfred Ollivant

Excerpts: [... He walked with a curious and characteristic lilt, as of a boy, rising on his toes as though reaching after heaven. And his eye underlined, as it were, ...... they martyrizes you for it at the stake. wheezed the old man. He took up his tale anew. So as I was sayin' he says to me, Sam Buckland do: 'Man to ...... to hold his own consistently in the first flight. Moreover, just at the ...]
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The Gentleman

  [english | 1908]  

Alfred Ollivant

Summary: [A proper dyaloge betwene a Gentilman and a Husbandman eche complaynynge to other their miserable calamite through the ambicion of the clergye was printed in two versions by Hans Luft of Antwerp in 1529. This book appears in Robert Steeles list of books banned in Henrys reign Steele refers to it as Dialogue between gentleman plowman. While clearly in the Piers Plowman Tradition Piers does not ...]
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