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Fifty Two Stories For Girls

  [english | 1905]  

Alfred Miles

Excerpts: [... balls at the Winter Palace, and was present at all the court ceremonies. Yet was she still our Narda, she sent us girls presents of Viennese bonbons ...... grown out of knowledge. But the Christmas holidays were soon over, and I went back in a cold, snowy week and London snow is a miserable spectacle, ...... choked down a sob. After a pause she said:. Perhaps I shall have more ...]
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Successful Recitations

  [english | ]  

Alfred Miles

Summary: [Alfred Henry Miles/Alfred H. Miles (1848 - 30 October 1929) was a prolific Victorian author editor anthologist journalist composer and lecturer who published hundreds of works on a wide range of topics ranging from poetry (The Poets and the Poetry of the Century 10 vols. ) warfare (Wars of the Olden Times Abraham to Cromwell) to household encyclopaedias with information for every conceivable ...]
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