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  [english | 1844]  

Alexandre Dumas Fils

Summary: [Camille by Desmond Davis. One of the world s most famous love stories comes to vibrant life in this lavish production filled with stunning scenery and a once in a lifetime cast Nicknamed Camille the beautiful Marguerite Greta Scacchi Brideshead Revisited sacrifices her honor to become a high society escort who only entertains the richest men in Paris. However the young and dashing Armand Duval ...]
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La Dame Aux Camelias

  [french | 1844]  

Alexandre Dumas Fils

Summary: [La Dame aux camlias a pour thme une histoire damour entre une courtisane atteinte de phtisie Marguerite Gautier et un jeune bourgeois Armand Duval. La narration de cette histoire damour constitue un rcit dans le rcit puisquArmand Duval raconte son aventure au narrateur initial du roman.]
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