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Cosmic Consciousness

  [english | 1915]  

Alexander Mcivor Tyndall

Summary: [Cosmic Consciousness The Man God Whom We Await by Ali Nomad. 1913. Contents The New Birth Man s Relation to God and to His Fellow Men Areas of Consciousness Self-Ness and Selflessness Instances of Illumination and its After Effects Examples of Cosmic Consciousness Who Have Founded New Systems of Religion Moses Gautama Jesus Paul Mohammed Swedenborg Modern Examples Illumination as Expressed in the ...]
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Sex The Unknown Quantity

  [english | 1916]  

Alexander Mcivor Tyndall

Excerpts: [... those who are conscientiously trying to establish better social conditions, there is a deplorable lack of anything like the proper attitude toward the ...... in the type of the man-god whom the world has long looked for and who we believe is here. If we look at the expression of Sex from the viewpoint ...... both sexes as co-equal. It is easy to realize why the Jews were driven out ...]
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