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Moral Science

  [english | 1869]  

Alexander Bain

Excerpts: [... to Happiness as the end: Internal and Independent are the contrasting epithets. II. Ethical Theory embraces certain questions of pure PSYCHOLOGY. 1. ...... affirm. The only question then is, what are the difficulties opposed by this theory, and not present in other theories (the Moral Sense, for example) ...... points. It is the purpose of the lawgiver to bring about happiness, and ...]
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Moral Science A Compendium Of Ethics

  [english | ]  

Alexander Bain

Excerpts: [... intercourse and mother's care to the continuance of the race. The primary moralities could not be exchanged for rules enacting murder, pillage, ...... points of moral right and wrong. Polygamy is regarded as right in Turkey, India, and China, and as wrong in England. Marriages that we pronounce ...... attached to this maxim as a safeguard of Society, that, whether true or not, it ...]
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Practical Essays

  [english | 1884]  

Alexander Bain

Excerpts: [... The principal bond of union among them is their practical character. Beyond that, there is little to connect them apart from the individuality of the ...... other direction. Next, in the case of happiness proper, are we to aim at nothing at all, to drift at random or may we aim at a definite object, ...... failed. Yet there are motives that would succeed, if we could command them. ...]
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