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A Leap In The Dark

  [english | ]  

Albert Venn Dicey

Summary: [A Leap In The Dark by Albert Venn Dicey. This book is not a disquisition on the details of the Home Rule Bill. It is an examination into the leading principles of the Bill with a view to establishing two conclusions. ]
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England Case Against Home Rule

  [english | 1886]  

Albert Venn Dicey

Summary: [I. My summer garden. Calvin: a character study. Backlog studies. Baddeck and that sort of thing.--II. Saunterings. --III. My winter on the Nile.--IV. In the Levant.--V. A roundabout journey.--VI. In the wilderness. How spring came in New England. Captain John Smith.--VII. Being a boy. On horseback. Mexican notes. The Golden Hesperides.--VIII. Studies in the South and West with Comments on Canada]
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