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Development Of The Digestive Canal Of The American Alligator

  [english | 1910]  

Albert Reese

Excerpts: [... the embryos were stained in toto with Borax Carmine and on the slide with Lyon's Blue. Transverse, sagittal, and horizontal sections were cut, their ...... at about the time of the opening of the first gill cleft. Figure 4A represents a transverse section through the head of an embryo of the approximate ...... called the pre-oral gut, since it lies cephalad to the now open mouth. ...]
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Wanderings In The Orient

  [english | ]  

Albert Reese

Excerpts: [... one brushes against without a thought, but in the country, where is browses in the open fields, it behooves the white man to be very circumspect ...... Although the population of Manila largely adheres to the Roman Catholic Church, many of the Protestant denominations have churches of their own, ...... with the city of Honolulu spread out along the shore and the mountains rising ...]
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