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Documentary History Of The Rio Grande Pueblos Of New Mexico

  [english | 1910]  

Adolph Bandelier

Excerpts: [... Zui tribe, namely, to record their documentary history. I shall follow the method employed by me in the case of the documentary history of Zui, by giving ...... acquainted with the languages in which the documents are recorded. To be able to read cursorily a language in its present form is not sufficient. ...... Hence there is always a hope that, if the first two were destroyed, ...]
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Historical Introduction To Studies Among The Sedentary

  [english | 1881]  

Adolph Bandelier

Excerpts: [... the earliest mention of this tradition may be found in the writings of Fray Toribio de Paredes, surnamed Motolinia. It dates back to 1540 A.D.[3] ...... Spaniards found three hundred and forty years ago, though additions from other tribes have, as we shall subsequently establish, modified the character ...... ago, with Coronado's adventurous march.[86]. AD. F. BANDELIER. SANTA F, N....]
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The Delight Makers

  [english | 1890]  

Adolph Bandelier

Excerpts: [... and well-proportioned. His hands and feet were rather small and delicate. He carried his head erect with ease and freedom. Jet-black hair, slightly ...... umo,-'Mother, my grandfather.'. The old man gave a friendly nod to his grandchild, and crossed the threshold, stooping low. Still lower the tall ...... on the hides again sound sleep came to her, and when she awoke it was ...]
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