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John Of The Woods

  [english | 1909]  

Abbie Farwell Brown

Excerpts: [... clutches. Save us all. Suppose it were my Beppo.. At these words of his mother's, Beppo giggled, and the boy looked at him gravely. The Hunchback with ...... of the pace. He sighed with relief. This at least he need not fear. As it came nearer, Gigi saw that in the cart were a woman and three little boys ...... the man's voice sounded nearer. Hello, old woman. it called gruffly. ...]
Genres: [young readersDownloads: 333

The Book Of Saints And Friendly Beasts

  [english | 1900]  

Abbie Farwell Brown

Excerpts: [... that she could do something to help him, to save him if possible. But this seemed difficult, for she knew what a bad temper the King had and she also ...... was a little surprised. Dear me, he said aloud, how very strange that sounded. What do you suppose it was. Now there was no one else anywhere near, ...... had tried fresh donkey-meat for a change. Oh, you wicked lion. he cried, ...]
Genres: [short story collection | young readersDownloads: 184

The Christmas Angel

  [english | 1910]  

Abbie Farwell Brown

Summary: [Christmas Angel is a small book for children.]
Genres: [fiction and literatureDownloads: 226

The Curious Book Of Birds

  [english | 1903]  

Abbie Farwell Brown

Summary: [I mistakenly downloaded this thinking it was a book on ornithology of some kind when it is actually an anthology of short stories and legends similar to Kiplings Just So stories only about how various birds came to be like they are. As they are from all around the world from different eras I gave them a try anyway. They are all fairly simplistic and juvenile but nonetheless reasonably interesting ...]
Genres: [young readers | short story collection | natureDownloads: 200

The Flower Princess

  [english | 1904]  

Abbie Farwell Brown

Excerpts: [... would go out eagerly into the garden and wander, wander long among the flowers, searching to find the sweetest and most beautiful, which must be his lady's ...... remained in the palace. Presently he would depart, riding sorrowfully down the hill on his gorgeous steed, amid the laughing flowers. And the Princess ...... at his flattery. How foolishly you speak. But I must hasten ...]
Genres: [young readers | short story collectionDownloads: 164