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The Development Of Rates Of Postage

  [english | 1917]  

A Smith

Excerpts: [... It is careful and unbiased, and although here and there some of the author's conclusions may not meet with unanimous acceptance, they cannot fail to stimulate ...... in England. The question was, of course, to a large extent political, and one only among the several general grievances of the colonists ...... of a Post Office in Jamaica, and such other of his Majesty's plantations ...]
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The Raising And Care Of Guinea Pigs

  [english | 1915]  

A Smith

Excerpts: [... still several species of wild Cavies. These are hunted as game and are considered a great delicacy. Cavies are wholly vegetarian in diet, eating ...... For laboratories, experimental purposes, etc., it is the smooth-haired Cavy that is in most demand. If you are a Guinea Pig fancier or are raising ...... as the ordinary pet, and being more of a novelty, attract more attention. When ...]
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