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Narrative Of The Voyages Round The World

  [english | 1788]  

A Kippis

Excerpts: [... revived, with the enlarged and benevolent design of promoting the happiness of the human species. A beginning of this kind was made in the reign of ...... committed by the inhabitants of Otaheite brought our voyagers into frequent difficulties, and it required all the wisdom of Lieutenant Cook to conduct ...... place of Opoony's residence, he went with our navigators to that island ...]
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Narrative Of The Voyages Round The World Performed By Captain James Cook

  [english | ]  

A Kippis

Excerpts: [... to range along the coast, with a view of discovering its position and extent. In pursuing his course he met with several promontories and bays, ...... years before and it was probably almost in the same place where Tasman, the first discoverer of this and some of the neighbouring islands, anchored ...... are never apprised of their fate, till the blow is given, that puts an end to ...]
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